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Morning Star @ Sjij Student Care Centre

The school has appointed Morning Star Community Services to operate the Student Care Centre in SJI Junior.  For more details on Morning Star Community Services and for a virtual tour of our Student Care Centre (SCC), please refer to:


Morning Star SJIJ_Daily Schedule_2020

Morning Star SJIJ_School Holiday Schedule_Sep2020.pdf 

Should you be interested in enrolling your child in Morning Star@SJIJ Student Care Centre, please submit your application by 30 Oct 2020 via the following link:


Please note that the receipt of this form by the school does not guarantee a place in the SCC.  The SCC will then contact successful applicants in due course.

As the SCC is not run directly by the school, we urge all parents to read their terms and conditions. Please take note that all boys must abide by their rules and procedure or the service may be discontinued in the interest of the safety of all the other boys in the SCC.

Doc_SCS_Terms&Conditions of Service_SJIJ_15Apr2020.pdf 

Please feel free to contact our Admin Manager Ms Chui Su Fun at chui_su_fun@schools.gov.sg should you have any queries.