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Mobile Device Management (MDM) AT SJI JUNIOR

As part of this programme, the iPad will be enrolled in Apple School Manager. Each student will be getting an Apple Id account.

With that account, each student will be given a free 200 gigabyte iCloud storage account, where you can upload your documents and files. Other things that are included as part of this apple school manager are that the App Store is disabled, meaning to say the students are unable to install any apps from the App Store. The school can also push down apps remotely to be installed for classroom use.

MDM for Parents and School

MDM allows the school and parents to control the use of the iPad. The school has subscribed to Mosyle Manager for MDM and the subscription is $1 per month for parents. The yearly cost is $20 and the school is subsidising $8. And all this will be deducted through your son’s Edusave account.

Control Hours of iPad use

School Control : 0700-1530 hrs during school days

Parental Control : 1530 – 0700 (next day morning), Weekends, School and Public Holidays, HBL Days

School Control

During school hours, the teachers are able to control the use of the iPad, monitor their activities and launch the apps on their ipads remotely. Teachers can use in are able to monitor all the students in the classroom where this is an example where you are able to lock the iPads to get the students to focus on the teacher, teachers are also able to launch a specific app for them to actually explore. And teachers also able to project students iPad onto the screen, using Apple TV as well. So these are the things that that enhances the teaching and learning in the classroom.

Parental Control

We have engaged a vendor to manage the use of parental control using the ScreenGuide app. Parents are also able to block their iPads, remove restricted apps, and show only selected apps. Other examples are timeout features where parents can use the app to control the child screen time. Other things include locking device for a set duration of time. Set a recurring schedule, for example, dinner time every day between 6pm to 7pm for example.

MDM Mosyle Manager Useful Resources

Get started with Screen Guide Parental Control. Learn all it's features with 11 Video Tutorials

Click here to Watch 

Parental Control (Using Screenguide)

Mobile Device Management Screenguide Setup.pdf 

Get started with Screen Guide Parental Control. Learn all it's features with 11 Video Tutorials.

Click here to Watch 

Adding student's iPad to parent's phone for remote management (See video below)

Adding additional guardian to family (See video below)

Using the Timeout Feature (See video below)

Using Screen Time (See video below)

Suggested approach on MDM on iPad

1) Remove app store

2) Allow for limited websites to visit.

3) Do not install games on the iPad

4) Set time limits on iPad

Suggested allowed websites

Student Learning Space






National Geographic for Kids


Google Classroom