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What models of iPads can I get?

Below are the models that supports the school’s mobile device management as well as using a stylus (Apple Pencil/Logitech Crayon)

All iPad Pro models 

iPad 5th generation or later 

iPad Air 2 or later 

And needs to be support iPadOS 14.5. 

Why must I get a stylus?

The stylus helps students to take notes, and organise their digital classwork. Apps like Showbie and Classkick allows the students to input their data seamlessly. With iOS 14, students are able to use the stylus to input their responses directly instead of using the virtual keyboard. It helps in letting students be creative in mind mapping, model drawing in maths and inputting their answers in SLS and Google Classroom. Parents may want to consider buying a third party stylus that consist between $15-30 on online shops.

Can I use an iPad Mini?

We are concerned about the availability of screen space for typing, writing and browsing

Must I buy from this vendor?

Parents need not utilise this bundle. We want to make the purchasing easier for parents who may find this a difficult process and have reached out to a reputable vendor for your convenience. Parents may choose to select another vendor.

What is MDM, again?

Mobile Device management (MDM) is a third party paid application that allows parents, and school to manage the child/student’s device remotely to manage and monitor screen time. This application is a chargeable at $22/year.

Must I get the latest iPad ?

Technology refreshes rapidly, and this learning device will be with your child for the next 3 years. The reason we are suggesting parents get the latest technology available right now is for future management. Parents can choose not to get the iPad 8th Gen, but minimally, parents must opt for an iPad that supports the models mentioned earlier in the FAQ

Can I get other peripherals later?

At the start, your child will be learning the basic operations for the device and will not require peripherals like keyboard and pencil. For convenience, the vendor is instructed to factor common peripherals in a bundle. Parents can decide to purchase peripherals at a later date.

Why is the school getting the MDM?

The MDM is an application that has an annual subscription fee. To maximise this subscription period for parents, we will be commencing the subscription in January.

My son has been selected to for round 2 of GEP. Should I wait to get the iPad?

Parents who have their child selected to be in round 2 of GEP will have their results known in December. Parents may consider ordering the iPad through the vendor first as this offer is only limited for a certain period of time. 

If your child chooses to transfer to a GEP school (if selected), your child can continue to make use of the iPad for his continued journey in education. 

We are unable to give a refund for the purchased iPad.

You can have any questions ?