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Technology Integration 2022


Learning is a tradition in SJI Junior, and one of our dream at SJI Junior is to develop every Josephian achieve their highest potential, with the spirit of creativity and innovation is one of our main drivers.

Recognising the potential of how technology can bring about a richer teaching and learning experience, SJI Junior has embarked on a 1:1 computing learning experience, E3 Programme, in 2014. From 2014 to 2017, the E3 Programme was an opt-in programme that was available to Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils, and it has been a received overwhelming support from parents.  For the last two years, the whole level are currently on this programme.
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Today, about 720 students at SJI Junior own a personal learning device for their daily learning, and this number will grow as the benefits of technology integration presents greater opportunities for our students to collaborate, problem-solve, research, and create. We believe these learning experiences will give an advantage to our students' future. 

For all the students in the E3 Programme, they can tap on the campus-wide wireless network that allows staff and students to be connected wirelessly for greater collaboration and communication. All classes that are  are also fitted with personal lockers so as to provide greater security to the students' devices. 

In view of the current situation COVID-19 situation here, all the information regarding the integration of technology for the Primary 4s will be put online as we are not able to gather in school. The school will also be providing information on procurement of the devices, a compulsory parent-child cyberwellness programme as well as a list of the dates that you may want to mark out on so that you do not miss out on any key milestones.

A letter to parents have been issued here and you can refer to the the timeline to take note of the next steps to take.

You can also refer to the parent information guide here as well for your reference.

Description (action you may be required to take)



Infokit on P4 Learning with Technology (Click here to view the videos and the slides for the parents briefing) 

·      Rationale

·      Use of iPad in Classroom

·      Mobile Device Management & Cyberwellness

27 October 2021


Purchase iPad through vendor

·      iPad package

End of November 2021


If getting your own iPad – please bring the iPad to school

10 - 14  January 2022


Subsidy form (if applicable)

·      Application form

17 November 2021


Compulsory Cyberwellness Parent-Child Talk

·      Parent-Child Session: Positive Digital Family Culture

        Sign up at here

·      Holiday Activities for your iPad in SLS

 24 November 2021 (Wednesday 7-9 pm) or

 26 November 2021 (Friday 7-9 pm)                               

 6     Start Right Programme
  • Student Agreement
  • Student Pledge
 January 2021

Buying your iPad from other sources: Setting and Submitting your devices for MDM and submitting to school. Deadline to submit: 10th to 14th January 2022

Please do this before submitting your device
Reset to Factory Setting MDM

Please attach this form when submitting the device
MDM Declaration Form for P4 2020

Subsidy Form

For parents who like to apply for the subsidy please print the form below and pass it to the teacher by end of October 2021.  
2021 Application for Subsidy for E3 Programme