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Student Development and Team

Character Education Vision

Nurture citizens of good character with a strong sense of responsibility and service.

Character Education Key Programmes

In order to form good habits and develop Servant Leaders, the school has adopted The Leader in Me, a 7 Habits based programme for students, as a key programme in Character Formation. This is to build on the earlier character development efforts based on Thomas Lickona’s Character Matters. The school widely uses Positive Education as a means of reaching out to the students to motivate them in all aspects. Various recognition processes are also in place to motivate our students.
  1. Positive Education
    - Mindfulness
    - Growth Mindset
  2. The Leader in Me Program
  3. Peer Support Program
  4. Guardian Angel
  5. Class Points System
  6. Start Right Program
  7. Leave to Serve Program
  8. Connect 1-6
  9. Take 5 and Take 1
  10. Caught Doing Good

Cyberwellness Vision

Cyber Wellness @SJI Junior aims to develop each student into a values-driven, media-literate, safe and responsible digital learner.

Cyberwellness Key Programmes

SJIJ's cyberwellness programme aims to develop the student’s instinct to protect and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace. The three principles, ‘Respect for Self and Others’, ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ and ‘Positive Peer Influence’ when adhered to will anchor a student’s well-being in cyberspace as he will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.
  1. Assembly Talks
  2. Recess Activities
  3. Cyber Wellness Lesson Packages
  4. Cyber Wellness infused into English lessons
  5. Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Training

ECG Key Programmes

The P4 pupils are given the opportunity to apply for a job, go for an interview, once appointed, carry out a job for 2-4 weeks and earn VIA hours.
  1. Assembly Programme
  2. Focus Group Discussion
  3. ECG Lesson
  4. MySkillsFuture Portal Training
  5. Career Fair

ECG Vision

  1. To equip students with life skills for continuous learning and training.
  2. To enable students to be self-aware and self-directed in planning for their future.
  3. To inculcate in students a sound appreciation and acknowledgement for all the occupations in Singapore and how they can contribute to the well-functioning of society.