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Mother Tongue


Every Josephian is an ACTIVE LEARNER, PROFICIENT USER of Mother Tongue Language with a strong passion for Mother Tongue culture.


  1. To engage pupils through effective pedagogy
  2. To provide an authentic mother tongue learning and cultural experience
  3. To build positive relationship with our stakeholders

Key Programmes:

  • MT Reward Star Programme
  • P1 to P5 Reading Programme (CL)
  • Department Library Programme (CL)
  • Authentic Learning Activties
  • MT Learning Journey
  • Cultural Festival and Exposure Programmes

Key Focus & Programme

In line with the Mother Tongue curriculum, we aim to develop our students to be proficient language users who can communicate confidently and effectively in real-life situations. Authentic activities and ICT are infused into our teaching to strengthen our students’ communication skills. Language use will be presented in its various forms, while continuing to expose our students to the rich culture and values embedded in the language.

Differentiated teaching approaches are adopted to cater to students with different starting points and language ability. We hope to build a good foundation in our students’ Mother Tongue Languages and develop confidence in using these languages in their daily lives to become Active Learner and Proficient User. It is also important for our parents and other stakeholders to partner us in nurturing our students’ interest in their Mother Tongue Language.And at the heart of our learning journey, this is where the teachers care.