Art Club

typo-resize.jpgThe Canvas Project

Mission: Equip members with the qualities of one who creates, manages, shares and appreciates art.

Learning domains of Art Club CCA Programme:
·           Appreciating: Values of Respect, Harmony
·           Responding: Self Awareness, Self-Management
·           Presenting: Respect, Resilience, Care, Harmony
·           Creating: Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity

Name Contact
Mr Anthony Tan (OIC)
Ms Ng Siew Choo
Mr Joseph Ng


Our Art Club boys have participated in various projects spanning from working on the SYF Exhibition 2013 pieces, designing their Club T-shirt via silkscreen printing, creating a long canvas silkscreen print to interacting with fellow student artists from all around Singapore! In early 2013, together with fellow student artists of SJI Junior, we formed 3 teams to work on the SYF pieces submitted for the exhibition:

Category A
Three Artists, Collage work
Facilitator: Ms Nurul Farhana

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Category B
Growing out of a black canvas, Mixed media installation
Facilitator: Ms Rafidah M D

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Category C
The 'I', Canvas piece
Facilitator: Ms Nurul Farhana
category c.jpg

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These art pieces along with submissions from all other schools can be viewed on the online exhibition site via the following hyperlink:

Photo Gallery

Here, our boys can be seen interacting and making art with fellow student artists during the SYF Celebrations @ Esplanade that took place from 2 July to 5 July 2013! The art forms explored ranged from 3D Paper Sculpture, Venetian Mask making, Communal Wall Art to Embossed Aluminum Painting. Our fellow teachers Ms Rafidah, Ms Nurul Farhana, Ms Karen Tan, Ms Ng Siew Choo and Mr Dominic Phay joined us on these trips! While back in our school’s studio, spearheaded by Ms Rafidah, we worked on our T-shirts from the primal methods of drawing to screen blocking and printing! We stretched this art form further by working on a large canvas piece.

3D Paper Sculpture Workshop @ Esplanade 2013
Embossed Aluminum Painting Workshop @ Esplanade 2013
Communal Art Wall @ Esplanade 2013
Venetian Mask Making Workshop @ Esplanade 2013
SYF Exhibition Visit @ Suntec City Atrium
Silk Screen Printing 2013