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Living Well Programme

The Living Well Programme is part of the school’s character formation effort, and it is made up of:

        i) Catechism lessons for Catholic pupils &
        ii) Ethics lessons for non-Catholic pupils.

For Catholic Pupils

As a Catholic school, Catechism lessons and religious activities, such as Masses on Days of Obligations for the Catholics and prayer sessions at the School Chapel, would be organised in the school for all our Catholic pupils. Through these, we hope to reinforce our Catholic values and emphasize the importance of living the faith. It is COMPULSORY for all Catholic pupils and pupils who were registered under the Phase 2B (Catholic Phase) to attend these Catechism lessons and religious activities.
As recommended by the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS), we are using the “Walking with Jesus” Bible Programme syllabus for our weekly Catechism lesson during curriculum time. Only P1 to P3 pupils are required to purchase the “Walking with Jesus” series book for his level. The books are available in the school bookshop. 
Please take note that the “Walking with Jesus” Catechism Programme organised by our school is NOT equivalent to the Catechism Programme organised by the parish in Singapore Catholic Churches.  The Parish Catechetical Progamme focuses on preparing children for the Sacraments of First Eucharist, Confirmation and Reconciliation. The school Catechism Programme and the Parish Catechetical Programme are complementary towards the faith formation of the child.  Therefore, Catholic parents are reminded to also sign up their sons for the Parish Catechetical Programme.  

For Non-Catholic Pupils

While Catholic pupils are taking Catechism lessons, non-Catholic pupils would be taking the Ethics lessons. However, non-Catholic pupils who wish to attend the “Walking with Jesus” Catechism Programme are most welcome. Please take note that option for non-Catholic pupils to take either the Catechism or Ethics lessons is only made available to parents once a year. As such, once the option is made, no changes will be allowed for switching to the other option during the academic year. Parents will be notified by the school when to make the option.