Acronym   Stands 
 E 3  Enable, Enhance and Engage
 SDL  Self-Directed Learning
 COL  Collaborative Learning
 SAMR  Substitution, Augmentation,  Modification, Redefinition
 Multiple Choice Question

1)  Must my son charge the computing device every day?

Yes. Please charge the computing device every night and ensure that there is at least 85% battery power at the start of each day.


2)  Where can we purchase the computing device?

It is recommended that purchases be made through reputable retailers such as Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, Challenger, Epicentre, Juzz1, Nubox, to name a few.


3)  Where can we go for repairs?

Repairs can be made through the retailers where you bought your computing devices from. Alternatively, you may bring it to any Apple authorised service centres. Please go to http://www.apple.com/sg/support/ipad/ to search for the available service centres.


4)  What happens if my child forgets to bring his computing device?

The school will have spare computing devices to loan pupils. Should there be no more available spares; the pupil might need to share it with his classmate for that day.

5 ) What happens if my child were to continually disobey his teacher and used his computing device for other things instead of focussing on class lessons?

The teacher might have to confiscate the computing device for the day. Parents will be called in to school to retrieve the computing device. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

6 ) Is he required to bring ipad to school and how often?

He is required to bring his iPad every day and ensures that it is charged the night before.