Acronym Stands 
 E3 Enable, Enhance and Engage
 SDL Self-Directed Learning
 COL Collaborative Learning
 SAMR Substitution, Augmentation,  Modification, Redefinition
 Multiple Choice Question

1)  How will my child’s computing device be connected to the Internet in school?

The school will be deploying its own private WIFI network. The computing devices will be connected to this network.

2)  Are there ways to ensure that he will not surf undesirable websites in school?

On top of the classroom management system and teachers’ observation in class, the school’s private network will also have a firewall to block undesirable websites. It must be stressed that it is impossible to block all undesirable content. Education through cyberwellness lessons will be part of the multi-prong approach to ensure pupils do not venture into undesirable websites.