Acronym Stands 
 E3 Enable, Enhance and Engage
 SDL Self-Directed Learning
 COL Collaborative Learning
 SAMR Substitution, Augmentation,  Modification, Redefinition
 Multiple Choice Question

1)  What is the computing device that will be used?

iPads will be used in class. We do not accept devices of other brands or form(laptops) or other devices with other operating systems. This is to minimise difficulty in troubleshooting in class. Teachers should not be spending too much time troubleshooting problems of different types from different devices. Also, apps available in iPad which are used in lessons might not be available in other platforms.


2)  Must my child bring the computing device to school every day?

Yes. Pupils are to bring the computing device to school every day.


3)  Will there be lockers to keep the computing devices safely in class?

Yes, there will be places for pupils to safely store their computing devices in the classroom. Pupils are expected to lock it away when they leave their classroom for P.E., Mass, recess or any other activities.


4)  Which model of the computing device is recommended for my child?

iPad 2 is the minimum that pupils should go for. That is the lowest model where Airplay can be supported. However, it is recommended that pupils get iPad models that can work with iOS 7 with minimal lag. We recommend highly that parents purchase iPad Air instead of iPad Mini. A bigger screen will be better to reduce eye strain.


5)  Where do I go to for more information about the computing device?

You may go to Apple Singapore website at to get online support from Apple.