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 Technology Integration at Primary 4 - E3 Programme


Learning is a tradition in SJI Junior, and one of our dream at SJI Junior is to develop every Josephian achieve their highest potential, with the spirit of creativity and innovation is one of our main drivers.

Recognising the potential of how technology can bring about a richer teaching and learning experience, SJI Junior has embarked on a 1:1 computing learning experience, E3 Programme, in 2014. From 2014 to 2017, the E3 Programme is an opt-in programme that is available to Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils, and it has been a received overwhelming support from parents. Broadly, the E3 Programme has 3 vision:


What is means


Technology will be used to: 
      • enrich learning experience by allowing Josephians to understand their own learning needs and preferences
      • enable anytime, anywhere learning
      • allow teachers to assess students’ learning, on the go, with wider range of assessment tools afforded by technology
      • build the acquisition of digital literacy skills (i.e. typing, presentation, data management etc.)


Technology will be used to enrich curriculum and instructional materials that caters to the differentiated needs of learners by utilizing technology for: 

  • Better delivery of the curricula through greater visualization of learning
  • Platforms for students’ collaboration
  • Provision of scaffolding towards acquisition of knowledge.


Improving of the overall quality of the teaching and learning experience by leveraging on current technology


Today, about 400 students at SJI Junior own a personal learning device for their daily learning, and this number will grow as the benefits of technology integration presents greater opportunities for our students to collaborate, problem-solve, research, and create. We believe these learning experiences will give an advantage to our students' future. 

For all the students in the E3 Programme, they can tap on the campus-wide wireless network that allows staff and students to be connected wirelessly for greater collaboration and communication. Classes that are on the E3 Programme are also fitted with personal lockers so as to provide greater security to the students' devices. 

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Today, the technology journey starts at Primary 4 for every Josephian and parents whose children are in Primary 3 will be invited to the school in Term 4 so as to find out more. Parents may download this information booklet* to find out more. (*Information Booklet accurate as of 2019)