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Mother Tongue


In SJI Junior, the Mother Tongue Department aims to develop our pupils to be:

  • Effective communicators who are proficient in their Mother Tongue.  
  • Responsible citizens who are proud of their heritage and culture 
The learning of Mother Tongue Languages or MTL is important as the Ministry of Education adopts the principle of bilingualism. The languages are used as a means to deliver ideas, culture and community bonding.


  • Parents’ Workshop 
  • Library Week
  • Reading Activities 
  • Reading Support Programme
  • Immersion Programmes and Learning Journeys
  • MTL Fortnight
  • P1 Performance Day
  • Internal Language Competitions
  • Festival Celebrations

Useful Links

    1. 学乐 

      A website for parents and students to access the digital instructional resources used in the teaching and learning of CL in school. Except for the section containing pictures, videos and animations, resources corresponding to the various parts of the textbook are available for access

    2.  听说e乐园


      The Chinese Language Word Games is a game portal that has been developed by the Ministry of Education. It uses interesting concepts of blending learning content into educational games. These games aid Primary One to Primary Three students in the revision of Chinese characters and words that they have learnt. The portal is accessible only with system generated password for students.

    3. The iFlashBook: an Online Interactive CL Textbook

      Developed by Creative Technology Limited, the iFlashBook features the Chinese Language Textbooks for Primary Schools published by Panpac Education Private Limited, now known as Marshall Cavendish (Singapore) Pte Ltd. It employs speech recognition technology to guide pronunciation practices, comes with a “floating” electronic dictionary and uses a multimedia mode of presentation. Yearly subscription is required. The iFlashBook is now available in bilingual version.de

    4. Approved list of dictionaries for use in PSLE 


    5. Recommended CL Supplementary Readers

      Chinese supplementary readers primary.pdf
      A shortlist of books approved and recommended by MOE CPDD


Di SJI Junior, Jabatan Bahasa Ibunda bertujuan untuk membangunkan murid kami untuk menjadi:
  • Penutur yang berkesan dan mahir dalam Bahasa Ibunda mereka
  • Rakyat yang bertangunggungjawab dan bangga dengan warisan dan budaya mereka
Pembelajaran Bahasa Ibunda atau MTL adalah penting kerana Kementerian Pendidikan memegang kepada prinsip kedwibahasaan. Bahasa-bahasa yang digunakan merupakan satu cara untuk menyampaikan idea-idea, budaya dan mengekalkan ikatan masyarakat.

Program & Activiti

  • Bengkel Ibu Bapa
  • Minggu Perpustakaan
  • Aktiviti-aktiviti Bacaan
  • Program Bimbingan Membaca
  • Program Penyerapan dan Darmawisata
  • MTL Fortnight
  • Hari Persembahan Darjah 1
  • Pertandingan Bahasa Dalaman
  • Sambutan Perayaan 

Useful Links

  1. Mekar Dalam Talian

    Sebuah lelaman web yang membenarkan ibu bapa dan pelajar untuk memperolehi bahan-bahan pengajaran digital yang digunakan dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran di sekolah. Bahan-bahan yang sepadan dengan pelbagai bahagian buku teks boleh didapati di lelaman web ini, kecuali bahagian yang mengandungi gambar, video dan animasi.

  2. Nadi

    Sebuah lelaman e-majalah untuk murid-murid sekolah rendah dengan pelbagai kandungan multimedia dan aktiviti dalam talian.

  3. Kamus Bahasa Melayu Dalam Talian


Tamil Activities

Parents’ Workshop
Reading Activities
Immersion Programmes
Learning Journeys
MTL Fortnight – various cultural activities for all Tamil Language students
Tamil Language Camp
Pongal Vizha
Tamil Language Celebration Day - Internal Language Competitions
CBS Story Telling Competition (P3& P4 students)
Oratorical Competition
Poet Appreciation Day (Primary 1 & 2)
Deepavali Celebrations

P5 2016 Learning Journey

1.jpgThe P5 Tamil Language pupils attended a Learning Festival at UPTLC on 20th February, Saturday. Only P5 TL pupils from 20 schools were given the opportunity to participate in this Learning Festival!  The boys took part in various activities like e-Book creating, Puppet storytelling, murukku making/designing, speech & drama, games and many more! They also participated very spontaneously in a concert, which wrapped up the Learning Festival! The boys had a good time and spent their morning having lots of fun and made new friends!




ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் பொங்கல், செயிண்ட் ஜோசப்ஸ் தொடக்கப்பள்ளியில் சிறப்பாகக் கொண்டாடப்படும். இந்த ஆண்டும் பொங்கல் விழா சிறப்பாகக் கொண்டாடப்பட்டது! மற்ற மொழி மணவர்களும் பொங்கல் சிறப்புப் போட்டிகளில் பங்கெடுத்து, பொங்கல் கொண்டாட்டத்தில் கலந்துகொண்டார்கள்!

Useful Links

  1. சங்கமம் 

    A website for parents and students to access the digital instructional resources used in the teaching and learning of Tamil Language in schools. Except for certain sections, most resources corresponding to the various parts of the curriculum is accessible. Click on ‘Nam Naadi’ for interactive games! 

  2. உமறுப்புலவர் தமிழ்மொழி நிலையம் (Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre - UPTLC) 

    UPTLC serves as a good platform for teaching and learning. This website has many useful and relevant resources for Tamil Language students. UPTLC also has many enrichment programs available to students as well! 

  3. மழலைக் கல்வி 
    This is an interactive portal that has been developed by the Tamil Virtual University. Students can watch animated moral stories, listen to Tamil nursery rhymes and learn more about numbers and such in Tamil through this interactive website. 

  4. சொற்கோவை விளையாட்டுகள் (Vocabulary Games) 

    Using interesting concepts of blending learning content into educational games, Tamil Virtual University has developed games to help improve students vocabulary. These games aid students to think on their feet and learn new words too! Though it may seem easy, even the beginner mode may be challenging to many upper primary students!  

  5. மின் அகராதி (online dictionary) 

    An online English-Tamil, Tami-English dictionary to aid anyone who needs a little help when stuck with an unknown Tamil word.  While it may not be the best way to translate accurately, it can help students do quick translation of nouns.  

  6. Approved list of dictionaries for Use in PSLE (as at 23rd January 2014) 


  7. Primary School Tamil Language Syllabus (தொடக்கப்பள்ளி தமிழ்மொழி பாடத்திட்டம்)

    This file serves as a comprehensive guide to your child’s primary school Tamil Language journey.