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Ms Cheong Guifang Abelin (OIC)
Ms Dorothy Phng Chiu Yun       
Ms Colleen
Ms Karen Ho Hui Ming
Ms Wang Xiao 

We are fortunate to have the assistance of an experienced professional choir instructor, Ms Ong Chiak Yin who engages the boys in fun-filled singing sessions as well as in vocal training. There will be regular confident checks to gear him towards the competitions. Joining the choir will not only provide your son an opportunity to sing for the school but at the same time, it will train him to be a motivated and self-disciplined Josephian. The school strongly encourages your son to seize this opportunity to develop his talent in the choral field. Boys taking this challenge will require much commitment and drive and have to take the training sessions seriously. 

Our Achievements

- The Goodman Arts Center (2012)
- Public concert held at Scape (2010)

Competition Award Year
 Singapore Youth Festival  Gold 2012
 Orientale Concentus Festival (Childrens' Category) Silver A 2011
 Orientale Concentus Festival (Folkore Category) Silver B2011
 ABRSM Distinction 2011
 Singapore Youth Festival  Silver 2010
 Singapore Youth Festival  Silver 2008