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Volunteer Services

Only parents of existing pupils of SJI Junior can sign up to be our Parent Volunteers (PVs), whenever there are postings here to recruit PVs for regular or ad-hoc programmes/activities.

In SJI Junior, we recognise the importance of the roles played by the home, school and community and how this tripartite relationship complements and fosters the shared goal of enriching and enhancing the students’ learning experience and environment, to achieve the school’s vision of every pupil to be his BEST. 

In line with our belief that “Every Parent is a Supportive Partner”, we welcome all parents to come forward to volunteer at their availability on either a regular or an adhoc basis. Pre-COVID-19, we used to have more than 50 school programmes and activities augmented with additional human resource support from Parent Volunteers (PVs) each year.

The school will be gradually resuming programmes and activities that involve PVs in 2021, subjected to strict adherence to Safe Management Measures. As such, we would like to start recruiting parents of exisiting SJIJ pupils to be PVs for 2021 Programmes/Activities which are run on a regular basis during school hours. For more information, please refer to the online 2021 PV recruitment form at: