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Student Care Centre

The school has appointed Morning Star Community Services to operate the Student Care Centre in SJI Junior. As Morning Star will take some time to fully cater to all our boys, they will take in an initial pioneer intake of 60 boys from Term 2, and increase the capacity beyond 60 from Term 3 should there be a demand for places. Morning Star would need time to fine tune their operations and I would like to urge parents not to rush to make changes to the care arrangement immediately, and to enrol your boy only from Term 3.

For this pioneer intake, should the numbers exceed the 60 places, the school will prioritise based on individual needs. I seek your understanding if we are not able to offer a place to your boy in Term 2, and to continue with the existing care arrangements until Term 3.

Please fill in the form and return to the form teacher or school office by Friday 7 March. Late submissions will not be considered for commencement in Term 2. Please also indicate the commencement date as 24 March 2014 to start in Term 2 or 30 June 2014 to start in Term 3. Parents will be informed by 14 March 2014 of the outcome of their application.

As the SCC is not run directly by the school, I urge all parents to read their terms and conditions. Please take note that all boys must abide by their rules and procedure or the service may be discontinued in the interest of the safety of all the other boys in the SCC.

Please feel free to contact our Admin Manager Ms Chui Su Fun at chui_su_fun@schools.gov.sg should you have any queries.