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School Rules


The consequences will be meted out based on the severity of the matter and when the school deems appropriate.

All pupils are expected to show high standards of behaviour, both in school and outside school. When pupils misbehave in school / class, they will be dealt with by Form Teachers, subject teachers or referred to the discipline committee.

For the full list of school rules, please refer to the student diary or school website.

Please take note that the consequences listed below will be carried out after teacher’s intervention to change the misbehaviour. The consequences may differ depending on the severity of the matter.

School Hours

The school hours from Monday to Friday are from 7.30am to 1.30pm. Pupils are to report for assembly in the School Hall/ classroom by 7.20am.

Consequence: The names of latecomers will be recorded and consistent latecomers will be issued a verbal then written warning.

Permission To Leave School During School Hours

Students, who are unwell or with other valid reasons, are allowed to leave school before the official dismissal time. Students need to be accompanied by an adult. Students will not be allowed to go home early on their own.

Pupils must stay within the school premises if they are attending any form of enrichment, remedial or CCA after school hours. They are not allowed to head out of school premises for their meals.

Absence From School

Absence from school must be covered by a letter from parents concerned or by a medical certificate.

Absence from examinations must be covered by a medical certificate.

Assembly In The Hall

·         Assemble according to your classes quickly and quietly.

·         Remain standing and sing the national anthem/ school song and recite the pledge with pride.

·         Pay attention and behave with consideration towards the speaker.

·         Show appreciation for the time and effort spent in presenting the programme.

Punctuality For Lessons

·         Students must be punctual for lessons. Students are to go directly to the venue for lessons.

·         Students are to move in twos as a class when moving from one place to another.

·         During lessons, a pupil must seek the permission of the teacher-in-charge if he wishes to leave the classroom.

Consequence: Pupils may face in-house suspension if found guilty of truancy.

Visitors To School

·         All visitors must enter/exit the school via the main gate (kindly note main gate opening hours).

·         All visitors (including parents/guardians of students) are required to sign in at the guard house and obtain a visitor pass before proceeding to the General Office. Visitor pass must be displayed at all times when in school compound.

·         All visitors are required to report to the General Office before proceeding to any other parts of the school.

·         No visitor, including parents/guardians, is allowed to enter into classrooms or rooms reserved for teaching and learning without explicit permission from the school.

·         Parents/guardians taking their child out of school before dismissal time must obtain an early release form at the General Office to be handed over to the Security Officer before exiting.

General Behaviour

Pupils have to complete work assigned including class work, homework, corrections, project work etc. by the given deadline. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s homework via the student diary.

Consequence: Pupils may suspended of privileges such as playtime to do homework or told to stay back after school to complete homework.

Pupils are NOT allowed to shout across the room, make noise, disturb their friends or eat and drink (except plain water) in class. They should not behave in any manner that will disrupt the flow of lesson or hinder anyone’s learning.

Consequence: If repeated, the student will be asked to sit alone, suspended from participating in group work or suspended of privileges such as playtime. For consistent offenders, they can be suspended from school.

Pupils are expected to be courteous, respectful and considerate. They are also not allowed to engage in any rough play or cause hurt to another student. The school will also not tolerate any verbal or physical bullying.

Consequence: If repeated, the student will be asked to sit alone, suspended from participating in group work or suspended of privileges such as playtime. For consistent offenders, they may be told to make a public apology, caned or even suspended from school.

Pupils are only allowed to use their mobile phone to contact parents/guardian after school hours. They are not allowed to use it for any other purpose before, during or after school hours.

Consequence: If the mobile phone is used for any other purpose, it will be confiscated.

General Appearance


·         The hair length must not touch the ears and the shirt collar.

·         The hair must be sloped at the back.

·         The fringe must not touch the eyebrows and must not cover the eyes.

·         Dyeing of hair, tinting of hair and punk hairstyles are strictly prohibited.


·         The school uniform comprises a white shirt and khaki shorts.

·         School badges and name tags must be sewn onto the school shirt.

·         Pupils must wear their school tie every morning for assembly. Shirt collars must be buttoned when ties are worn. Ties can be removed once they are in class. However, on days when they have PE, they can come to school in their PE attire.

PE Attire

·         The PE attire consists of the school PE T-shirt and shorts. Name tag should be sewn onto the school PE T-shirt.

·         All T-shirts must be tucked in at all times.

·         Pupils may wear PE or approved school T-shirts when coming to school on CCA days, Saturdays and during the holidays. They are not allowed to wear slippers or sandals to school, even during school holidays. Any pupil not in proper attire will be sent home.

Shoes and Socks

·         Only school socks or plain white socks covering the ankles are allowed.

·         Only all white canvas shoes are allowed.


·         Fingernails must be clean and cut short.

Consequence: Pupils whose appearance is deemed inappropriate by the school will be issued a verbal or written warning.


Behaviour in the School Bus

·         Pupils must wear their seatbelts at all times in the school bus/ van.

·         Pupils are not allowed to walk around or misbehave in the bus.

·         Pupils must not behave in an unruly manner or commit any offences in the school bus.

Consequence: Pupils who violate the above rules or found misbehaving in any manner in the school bus will face punishment such as suspension from school bus and/or be even told to seek other form of transportation.


·         Always queue for food, drinks and other services. Food and drink must be consumed only in the canteen.

·         All used utensils are to be returned to the respective containers.

·         No parents, domestic helpers or visitors are allowed in the school during recess, unless permission is sought and given by the school.

·         To safeguard our students who may have certain food allergies and/or special dietary needs, birthday celebrations are not allowed. Goody bags (with no food items) may be given out and the students will be told to open them only upon reaching home.

Penknife Safety Guidelines

At no point should a student be given access to sharp-pointed/sharp-edged tools/equipment unless issued and supervised by a teacher during art lessons. All issued tools/equipment should be collected and accounted for after use. Students should not possess any personal sharp-pointed/sharp-edged tools (e.g. penknife).


·         The wearing of tinted glasses is not allowed. Trendy spectacle frames are strongly discouraged.

·         Jewellery and cosmetics are not allowed.

·         No playing of any type of card/ electronic games is allowed.

·         Students are NOT allowed to enter any classroom except their own without permission.

·         Students are not allowed to use any electronic equipment within the school premises (unless in the E3 programme). These items will be confiscated and will not be returned to Students unless claimed by their parents after the stipulated time period.

·         The school should not be held responsible for the loss or theft of mobile phones.


Conduct During An Examination

Students are to:

·         Place all bags and books/notes outside or behind the classroom as instructed by the teacher.

·         Avoid any contact with their classmates, not even eye contact

·         Maintain silence during an examination, even while the papers are distributed and collected, until the teacher instructs that the examination is over

·         Raise their hand if they want anything and wait for the teacher to attend to them

·         Read the questions carefully

·         Check and see that their paper has all the relevant pages

·         Attempt every question

·         Check their work after they have finished

·         Make full use of the time given

·         Abstain from playing with their stationery and thereby disturb their classmates’ concentration

·         Check that they have their name, class and register/index number written on the paper

Disciplinary action will be taken against any student proven cheating during tests/ examinations and checking of scripts. The school takes a serious stand against cheating of any form.

School Property

·         Handle all school property with care. Do not misuse or vandalise school property or facilities provided for students’ benefit.

·         Save water and electricity.

·         Lights and fans should be switched off when not in use.

·         Do not litter the classrooms or the school grounds. Pick up any litter that may be lying on the ground.

·         Toilets must be kept clean and flushed after use.

·         Be civic-minded. If any pupil witnesses anyone doing things detrimental to the school, bring it to the attention of any teacher.

Consequence: Pupils found guilty of vandalism will have to replace the item or pay the equivalent cost of it. In some cases, they may be asked to do Corrective Work Order.

Disciplinary Actions

The students’ offences will be recorded into a school system by the teachers and monitored by the Discipline Committee members. For repeated offenders, the teacher will refer the student to the Discipline committee for further action.