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Report Of PTA Activities in 2017

PTA Report for Catholic Activities involving Catholic parent volunteers in 2017

Support from Catholic parents for Catholic activities remains strong. We thank God for blessing us with many talented yet generous and selfless parents who volunteered in following areas:

1)    Catechism

2)    Recess Chapel

3)    Praise & Worship

4)    Masses: Sacristy support for Monday Masses and Obligation Day Masses

5)    Altar Servers: training of new Altar Servers

6)    Lenten Activities: Stations of the Cross, Penitential Service, Washing of Feet

7)    Faith Formation for catechists and Catholic parents

8)    Easter Play

9)    PSLE Vigil Prayers

10)  Novena Service

11)  Children’s Day: Catholic games booth.

12)  P1 Orientation Day & Parent Volunteer Recruitment 

Special mention goes to the following functions:

1)    Catechism

We were blessed to have the continued support from the 2016 team of Catholic parent volunteer catechists with more parents from the 2017 P1 cohort joining in. There were enough catechists for all classes, with most classes having paired catechists. It was indeed heartening to see the enthusiasm these parents have in supporting the school in faith formation. The passion and creativity for sharing their knowledge of our faith was very apparent in the lessons and activities planned for each session. Resources were also shared generously through our very own Googledrive database created last year. 

A special project was run this year to coincide with the “Marian year” theme, the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. It was called the “Build a Grotto” project in honour of Mother Mary. The Grotto, now placed at the Chapel Activity Room, was built entirely of recycled paper and cardboard, and with the works contributed by all catechism class boys from P1 to P6. These works included leaves, rocks, flowers, birds, frogs, fish, butterflies and ladybugs, which were transformed from colouring sheets to 3D creatures. It was a massive effort and would not have been possible without the collaboration of all the catechists, and the dedication and hard work of those who put it together. This is indeed testimony of the supportive, cooperative and committed nature of our parent volunteers.

2)    Monday morning Mass and Novena service

A new initiative by Father Simon Tan, our school chaplain, started in Term 2 this year, with the help and support of Catholic teachers and parent volunteers. These services reinforced and strengthened our Catholic ethos. Morning Mass and Novena services which are held in St Michael's Chapel on alternative Mondays, provided another opportunity for boys and parents to worship and petition through our Blessed Mother. Our boys were encouraged, especially during Catechism class and morning prayer sessions, to offer up written prayers, thanksgiving and petitions, and drop to them into a prayer box at the Chapel. This prayer box was custom made for SJIJ. Their petitions are then read at Monday morning Novenas and brought to Novena Church thereafter.

3)    Chapel Recess Activities

A group of dedicated Protestant and Catholic parent volunteers came together to plan and facilitate activities for the boys during recess time every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The boys had fun in the chapel activity room, playing faith related games, making craft works and learning how to pray and be reverent in the chapel. These parents also supported other activities like the Stations of the Cross, washing of feet on Maundy Thursday and Children’s Day Catholic games booth.

4)    Praise & Worship Team

We praise and thank God for blessing our school with musically talented parents who share their love and gift of music with the boys every Friday morning. They are a complete P&W team consisting of worship leaders, singers, guitarists, keyboardists, and percussionists. They have continued to sing, dance and teach the boys how to praise God with dance and actions for two years. They also supported other Catholic activities like the Easter play, PSLE vigil prayers and Thanksgiving Mass which was held on the last day of school this year.

5)    Faith Formation

A new initiative this year to help our parent catechists and interested Catholic parents delve deeper into our faith, through bible study, sharing and discussions. Facilitated by one of our own parent volunteer catechist.

6)    Easter Play

Yet another lively performance this year. A talented cast and crew consisting of 14 men, 18 women and 17 boys entertained the school with a musical and part shadow play of the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The play ended with dancing and singing from the Praise and Worship team.

7)    PSLE Vigil

The planning team consisted mostly of P6 parents who were also our P6 catechists and P5 catechists. The vigil this year included daily Mass, lighting of candles for every SJIJ P6 boy, special prayers, sharing about catechist experience and a talk on the Book of Tobit. Parents attending were also approached to participate in leading some prayers. Feedback received were very favourable, Parents who attended felt that the sessions gave them an opportunity to spend time praying as well as enriching their faith. One even commented that it felt like being in a retreat.

8)    Children’s Day Catholic games booth

Catholic parents from various functions like catechists and chapel mom collaborated to plan and set up the games booth this year. The booth was called Archer Angels. The aim of the game was to have fun while learning a few bible verses through a bible quiz and a shooting game, using Nerf crossfire bows. Parents generously contributed towards the production of an impressive and striking backdrop featuring 3 targets for Old Testament, New Testament and Heaven respectively. The booth was a huge success, attracting many boys. Both volunteers and boys had great fun that day!

9)    P1 Orientation and PV recruitment

We thank SJIJ for this year’s new programme to have different stations set up around the school so that P1 boys and parents can be get orientated to the school surroundings and have fun at the same time. Parent Volunteer Catechists took the opportunity to manage the Chapel station, engaging the visiting P1 boys and parents with creative games and activities and tour of the chapel. At the same time, the Catechists worked hard to inspire and encourage the new parents to sign up as parent volunteers. Many of them shared about their own journey as a Catechist and the different ways to help with the Catholic activities.

10) Wall mural

This year also saw the generosity of a group of Catholic parent volunteers who sponsored a wall mural outside St Michael's Chapel, depicting Jesus and the children according to Bible verse Luke 18:16 "Let the children come to me...".  The wall mural was painted by Catholic youth artist Alycia who donated her earnings to the Cenacle Sisters to further God's work.  It is hoped that the wall mural will serve as a reminder to everyone in school to bring the boys closer to Jesus and to welcome boys to the Chapel for morning prayers, rosary, masses, novenas, praise and worship as well as recess activities.

It was indeed a great and successful year with tremendous support from the parent volunteers and Catholic teachers. We thank them all for their dedication, commitment, passion, enthusiasm and generosity. They did not confine themselves to respective functions but reached out across the different activities like for Children’s Day and P1 Orientation and Recruitment Day.  With their help, we were able to enhance the quality of our Catholic programmes and activities, much to the benefit of the boys at SJIJ.  May God continue to bless us abundantly.

Prepared by:

Sandra Marie Lim

Lynette Lee

Corinna Tan

The SJI Junior Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Management Committee was very active this year, organising many activities for the boys as well as the parents. 

The first activity was the annual BYO Dinner cum Movie Night on 4th March.  The turnout was very good and the movies shown were “Remember the Titans” and “Zootopia”.

The ever popular Father-Son camp was held on 20 and 21 May at Jalan Bahtera MOE campsite and the Kranji Marshes.  About 100 pairs of father and sons took part in the 2 day stay-in camp. 

The Friday Night Sports were also well attended with activities ranging from soccer and Frisbee in the field to water sports such as scuba diving and “flippa ball” at the swimming pool.

The inaugural SJIJ PTA Family Community Service Activity saw 64 participants at the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen preparing meals for the poor and needy.

The Children’s Day Carnival (October 5th) was another annual affair where the boys enjoyed playing many games as well as the ever-popular dunking of parents and teachers.

Our teachers were not forgotten as the PTA and the Parent Volunteers showed their appreciation by giving us a sumptuous lunch on 29th August. This year’s theme was “The Great Gatsby”.  The PTA members and Parent Volunteers (PVs) came dressed in 1920s costumes which added to the overall fun atmosphere.  As usual there was food galore and the parents outdid themselves in the different types of food they provided.  The amount of food on display was also enough to feed an army! A big “Thank you” to all parents and PTA members for the time and effort in putting up this wonderful event.

It has indeed been a very eventful year for the PTA.


(Contributed by Mr Monteiro)