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Minutes of the 48th Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 14 January 2017 at St Joseph Institution Junior, Essex Road School Hall.

1. Introduction

Honorary Secretary Mr Monteiro called the meeting to order. He then invited current President of the PTA Mr Daniel Nomanbhoy to give the opening speech.

2. President’s Message

Mr Nomanbhoy welcomed the parents to the AGM.    He referred them to the AGM booklet and spoke about the various activities that were carried out in 2016.  He specifically mentioned the Father Son camp which had grown in strength from the previous year.  He thanked all the out-going Management Committee members for the hard work put in to the running of all the activities.

3. Confirmation of Minutes

Mr Monteiro referred the parents to the minutes of the 47th Annual General Meeting which was held on Saturday, 16 January 2016. He emphasised that only members who were present at the last AGM could pass the minutes.There being no amendments, the minutes were confirmed.

Proposer:        Ms Corinna Yip
Seconder:        Ms Peggy Yee

4. Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts was presented by Mrs Teong Phey Fang for the year ended 31 December 2016. She reported that the main income was from contributions from the P1 parents. The main expenditure was the Children’s Day Carnival, the SJIJ mementoes and the Father Son Camp which was partly paid for by the parents.

A number of questions were brought up by the parents concerning the Statement.  As to how the parents’ contributions came about, Mr Winston Lim, the VP Admin, stated that it has been the school’s practice for a number of years to collect $30 from P1 parents as it was operationally easier to collect once then to collect $5 a year for 6 years.  Also the amount of $5 has been kept constant all these years as the income derived was enough to cover all the expenses for the various activities.  Mr Nomanbhoy added that the funds had been in a healthy state all this while and the committee wanted to draw down the amount to benefit all the pupils (e.g. Children’s Day Carnival).  Only for activities such as the Father Son camp which only involved a small number of boys, there was co-payment involved.

A parent brought up an error in the computation of the 2015 Income.  The total income should be $32899.61 and not $12899.22.  Mr Lim apologised for the typo error and said it would be amended.

There being no further questions and amendments, the Statement of Accounts were confirmed.

Proposer:       Ms Delia Ong
Seconder:      Mrs Florence Smart


5. Election of Office Bearers for 2017 - 2018

Mr Monteiro informed everyone that as at close of nominations on 10 January 2017, the following parents were returned unopposed and elected as office-bearers in the PTA.

President:                              Mr Daniel Nomanbhoy                                              

Vice President:                       (contested)                 

Asst Hon Secretary:                Ms Lynette Lee                      

Hon Treasurer:                       Mr Melvyn Yeo

Hon Auditor:                           Mr Mark Lim

Hon Auditor:                           Mr Brendan Khoo       

Mr Monteiro then proceeded to inform the parents that there were two nominees for the post of Vice-President, namely Mr Andrew Lim, the current Vice-President, and Mr Ritesh Srivastava.   He also reported that there were 18 nominees contesting for the six Committee Member posts.  All the names of the nominees were in the Voting Slips given out to the parents during the registration.  Parents and teachers were to mark with a cross (x) the six nominees they wanted to elect. Each nominee present then proceeded to give a short introduction about themselves and how they would serve the school as PTA committee members.

Before the election process began, Mr Timothy Goh, Principal of SJI Junior and Vice-President of the PTA Management Committee, thanked the out-going members for their valuable services in the previous PTA Management Committee.  He said that he had enjoyed working with them and gave his best wishes to all the members who had stepped down. He said that even though the nominees were not elected, there will still be two members co-opted into the committee.  The other nominees can still play a part by being parent volunteers for the school. 

Mr Monteiro then invited all the parents and teachers to cast their votes.

After the votes were cast and during the counting of votes, a talk was given by Ms Christabel Sim from National Library Board who gave a talk about “Raising Readers”

6. Election of Committee members

After the talk, the results of the elections were announced.  The following parents were voted into the PTA:

Vice-President:  Mr Andrew Lim 
Committee Members:
Mr Alvin Aloysius Goh                       
Mrs Sandra Lim                                 
Mrs Corinna Yip                     
Mr Pateloo Ashokan                                      
Mr Melvyn Yeo                      
Mr Kieran Daryl Pereira           

The following staff members of St Joseph’s Institution Junior were also appointed as teacher members of the PTA.  They are:

Mr Timothy Goh (Principal)        
Mr Winston Lim  (Vice-Principal - Admin)

Hon Secretary:           Mr Anthony Monteiro                         
Asst Hon Treasurer:    Mr Jachin Huang                                                                   
Committee Members: 
Mr Christopher Cheong                                                                                 
Mr Sundaram                                                                                                             
Ms Shannon Tan                                               
Mr Mohd Fazrin                                                                                                                                                  

The re-elected PTA President, Mr Daniel Nomanbhoy thanked everyone for their participation in the voting process. He welcomed the new committee members and looked forward to working with them and to have a better year ahead in terms of activities to be conducted.  

As there was no other business, the meeting ended at 11.30 a.m.    

Minutes recorded by Mr Anthony Monteiro and vetted by Mr Timothy Goh.