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School Management Team


Mr Goh.JPG

Mr Timothy Goh  

"There is greatness in everyone."

Vice Principal

Mrs Tan.JPG
 Mrs Linda Tan 

Vice Principal / Admin

 Mr Winston Lim 

"Give a man a fish and you feed him 

for a day, teach a man how to fish and you 

feed him for a lifetime"

Head of Department


Mrs Serene Ng.JPG
Mrs Serene Ng

"Making learning worthwhile."



mrs sharon gan.JPG
Mrs Sharon Gan 

"Do not just teach students to count, teach them what counts."



Mr Jachin Huang.JPG
Mr Jachin Huang 

"Unpolished gems pass through my hands; I am excited to see the sparkling diamonds they will become!"

Mother Tongue

Mr Vincent.JPG

Mr Vincent Teo

"Providing educational experiences that motivate students to learn."


PE/CCA & Aesthetics

Mr Fazrin.JPG

Mr Mohamed Fazrin

"To encourage the right questions, when others are looking for the right answers."



Ms Ang Su-Juin.JPG

Ms Ang Su-Juin

"I believe every student is different, and they can discover their own talents through the right learning experience."

Character & Citizenship Education

Mr Sundaram.JPG
 Mr Somasundaram Ranganathen

"Education is about organising the natural longing in a human to know."

  School Staff Developer

Mrs Harlina Rashid.JPG
Mrs Harlina Rashid

"To educate a man in mind and values, that is the true purpose of education so that he may be a man of integrity and man for others."


Year Head  

(Pri 1 & 4)

Mrs Chitra Segar.JPG
Mrs Chitra Segar

"Inspiring a love for learning."

Year Head

(Pri 2 & 5)

Mr Charles Lim

"To lead, raise and guide youth leaders to where God wants them to be."


Year Head

(Pri 2 & 5)

Ms Karen Tan.JPG

 Miss Karen Tan 

"I believe that every child is unique and special. And that every child will strive to do the best that he can!"



Year Head

(Pri 3 & 6)


Mdm Janet Lee

"Always believe in the students whom you teach. Believe that they can learn and capable of learning more."

Subject Head


Mr Daniel Kwek.JPG

Mr Daniel Dominic Kwek 

"Facilitating learning to help each child discover who he is today and who he can be tomorrow."



Mrs Winnie Ho.JPG
Mrs Winnie Ho 

"Teaching is the act of sharing."


Mother Tongue

Mr Daniel Leong.JPG
Mr Daniel Leong
" 勤能补拙 " 


 Joseph Ng.JPG
Mr  Joseph Ng
SH Aesthetics

"All students can learn, want to learn and want to succeed."


CIP & Partnership   

mrs shannon lim.JPG
Mrs Shannon Lim   

"Good teaching requires hard work to make lessons come alive."


  SH Character & Citizenship education

Mrs Chriel Chua.JPGMrs Chriel Chua 

"Every child is unique and can learn."


Mr Chew Chee Keong Paul_DSC_2531.JPG

Mr Paul Chew

"Helping the learner to find his purpose in life and work towards it."


Pastoral Care

Mr Christopher.JPG
Mr Christopher Cheong

"A good educator is one who facilitates students' learning at their own pace."



Ms Rowena Khoo.jpeg

Ms Rowena Khoo

"If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” 

Lead Teacher

Ms Madeline Chang.JPG
Ms Madeline Chang 

"With faith and zeal, we can guide every child in our care to greatness."

Senior Teacher


Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan.JPG
Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan

"Connecting with each child's heart and mind."



Ms Soh Mei Qi.JPG

"I believe that learning is a journey not the destination."



Physical Education

Mr Philip.JPG
Mr Philip Muthiah

"Do not look back. Look ahead."


Learner Profile (Lower Primary)





 Mdm Noraini.jpg

Mdm Noraini Niat

"To be the best I can be and what my students need me to be."

 Mrs Sharon Tan.JPG

Mrs Sharon Tan
"To inspire students to be self-directed learners who strive to be the best that they can be."
ong_suat_ling_sharon    @moe.edu.sg  

Mrs Christine Lee.JPG
Mrs Christine Lee
"I believe that a classroom should be a safe and caring community where all students can learn and will learn."