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Primary 6 (2019)

6 Xavier

Sharon Jodi.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Sharon Elvin

"With hard work, determination and a touch of love, every child will succeed."

Ms Zarrina Begam.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Zarrina Begam

"Teaching is not only about educating a child but nurturing the child to who he or she wants to be."

6 Joseph

Stephanie Wong.JPGForm Teacher 
Mrs Stephanie Wong-Tang Bee Shin

"Inspire the love for learning and the learning itself is sure to follow." 


Mr A. Monteiro.JPG

Co-Form Teacher
Mr A. Monteiro

"I will make learning FUN for the students in my care."

6 Patrick

Vidya Padmanathan(small).jpgForm Teacher
Mdm Vidya

"My personal belief is that each child is unique and capable of achieving their dreams. As teachers we should nurture their love for learning and passion for life."


Mdm Gao.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Gao Chunmei


6 Anthony    

Mr Dominic Phay.JPGForm Teacher   
Mr Reuben Dominic Phay 

"Every child a STAR, on his way to SHINE."

Aidah.jpgCo-Form Teacher
Mdm Siti Aidah

 “I believe in doing what is best for the students, even when it means making hard choices, to grow them as learners.”


6 Stephen

Mrs Delphine Minjoot.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Delphine Minjoot

"Nurture each child the way you want your own child to be nurtured."

Mr Christopher.JPGCo-Form Teacher
Mr Christopher Cheong 

"A good educator is one who facilitates students' learning at their own pace."

6 Michael

Ms Priya.JPG
  Form Teacher
Mrs Priya Chopra

"Always seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest impact."

Mr Karl Zubin.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Karl Zubin

"Honesty + Passion + Prayers = Success"

6 Gabriel

Mr Callistus Chan.JPG
Form Teacher 
Mr Callistus Chan

"A successful life is a result of small successes."

mrs shannon lim.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Shannon Tan

"Good teaching requires hard work to make lessons come alive."