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Primary 6 (2018)

6 Xavier

Mr Daniel Kwek.JPG
Form Teacher

"Facilitating learning to help each child discover who he is today and who he can be tomorrow."

Lim May Chan (Small).jpgCo-Form Teacher
Ms Lim May Chan

"Education is the most POWERFUL WEAPON which you use to change the WORLD."


6 Joseph

Mr Jason Wong.JPG
Form Teacher
Mr Jason Wong 

"Every child can be motivated to learn."

wong_zhanpeng_jason @moe.edu.sg  


Co-Form Teacher
Ms Rowena Khoo

"Even diamonds start as coals" 

6 Patrick

Mr Lim Siong Heng.JPG
Form Teacher

"Learning something new every single day makes life a little more interesting."

Janet(small).jpgCo-Form Teacher
Mdm Janet Lee

"Always believe in the students whom you teach. Believe that they can learn and capable of learning more."


6 Anthony    

Mr Dominic Phay.JPGForm Teacher   
Mr Reuben Dominic Phay 

"Every child a STAR, on his way to SHINE."

Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan.JPG
  Co-Form Teacher
Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan

"Connecting with each child's heart and mind.

6 Stephen

Ms Norishani.JPG
Form Teacher
Mdm Norihsani Tavant 

"Helping my students attain the skills and knowledge to reach their maximum potential and be lifelong learners."

Ms Suhanthi.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mrs Ise

"Help them understand the 'why' behind the 'what' to help them figure out the 'how'. Don't just tell, teach."

6 Gabriel

Form Teacher

"To do my best for every child so that he can find the joy, meaning and purpose in learning."

Mr Firdaus.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Firdaus

"Think outside the box. Find creative solutions."


6 Michael

Ms Soh Mei Qi.JPG
Form Teacher

"I believe that learning is a journey not the destination."

Mr Boo.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Boo Choon Kwang

"不忘过去 探索未来。