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Primary 5 (2019)

5 Joseph

Form Teacher
Raudah.jpgCo-Form Teacher
Ms Raudah

“Teaching is advocacy.”


5 Patrick

Mrs Sharon Tan.JPG
  Form Teacher
Mrs Sharon Tan

"To inspire students to be self-directed learners who strive to be the best that they can be."

Mrs Sharon Wong.jpg    Co-Form Teacher 
Mrs Sharon Wong 

"To develop a passion for learning, a heart for giving and an understanding of the world around us."


5 Anthony

Mr Lim Siong Heng.JPG
Form Teacher

"Learning something new every single day makes life a little more interesting."

Ms Amanda Soon.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Amanda Soon

"Every child is gifted and they reveal their talents at different time."

5 Stephen

Mr Jason Wong.JPG
Form Teacher
Mr Jason Wong 

"Every child can be motivated to learn."


Joseph Ng.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr  Joseph Ng
"All students can learn, want to learn and want to succeed."

5 Michael

Nasreen (Small).jpgForm Teacher
Mrs Nasreen Alvin

"Embracing and celebrating the diversity and potential in every student. Creating a safe and nurturing environment and challenging students to be better than their best."


Mr Firdaus.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Firdaus

"Think outside the box. Find creative solutions."

5 Gabriel

Janet(small).jpgForm Teacher
Mrs Janet Tan

"Always believe in the students whom you teach. Believe that they can learn and capable of learning more."



Co-Form Teacher
Mr Yunus Yusof

"Inspiring Teacher. Active and independent learner."


5 Raphael

Michele Fok.JPG
Form Teacher
Ms Michele Fok

"Think good, speak good and do good."

Mr Gerald Ng.JPGCo-Form Teacher
Mr Gerald Ng

"Helping every child receive the world class education he deserves."