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Primary 4 (2018)

4 Joseph

Michele Fok.JPG
Form Teacher
Ms Michele Fok

"Think good, speak good and do good."

Joseph Ng.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr  Joseph Ng

"All students can learn, want to learn and want to succeed."

4 Patrick

Form Teacher 
Ms Lim Huei Hsia Grace

"Do not be afraid to fail, be afraid to not try."

Mrs Christine Lee.JPG
Form Teacher 
Mrs Christine Lee

"I believe that a classroom should be a safe and caring community where all students can learn and will learn."


Mr Philip.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Philip Muthiah

"Do not look back. Look ahead."

4 Anthony

Mr Chew Chee Keong Paul_DSC_2531.JPGForm Teacher 
Mr Paul Chew

"Helping the learner to find his purpose in life and work towards it."

Ms Salina.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Salina

4 Stephen

Owen Lau.JPG
Form Teacher

"Put yourself in the place of those who find learning difficult and you can teach."


Co-Form Teacher
Mr Yunus Yusof

"Inspiring Teacher. Active and independent learner."

4 Gabriel

Mrs Augustina Lim.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Agustina Lim

"To tell the students they matter most; to teach the students what matters most."

Ms Rafidah.JPG

Co-Form Teacher
Ms Rafidah M Dahri

"If you have taught someone else what you have learnt, more will learn."

4 Michael

Mrs Emelie Payamel.JPG
Form Teacher 
Mrs Emelie Payamel

"To touch the hearts of my students, to inspire them to enjoy learning and to become self-directed learners."

Labelle.jpgForm Teacher
Ms Labelle Lee
  Mdm Aysha Farwin.jpg
Co-Form Teacher 
Mdm Aysha Farwin
D/O Mohamed Iqbal 

"When educating the minds of our youth,

we must not forget to educate their hearts."


4 Raphael

 Sri Vithya DO Muthupalani.JPG
  Form Teacher
Ms Sri Vithya

"Teaching is about inspiring others by being a role model."


Ms Abelin Cheong.JPG

Co-Form Teacher 

Ms Abelin Cheong

"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change."