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Primary 3 (2019)

3 Joseph

Ms Chia Wei Yee(small).jpgForm Teacher
Ms Chia Wei Yee

"All children are capable of learning. Every little thing we do matters to them.

Sandra.jpgCo-Form Teacher
Ms Sandra Handojo

"Every child – GIFTED! The teacher polishes, nurtures, molds him to share his giftedness."


3 Patrick

Mr George Kheng.JPG
Form Teacher
Mr George Kheng

"To teach with passion and commitment."

Mdm Tan Mui Mui.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Tan Mui Mui

"The successful man will profit from his mistake and try again in a different way."

3 Anthony

Mr Daniel Kwek.JPG
Form Teacher

"Facilitating learning to help each child discover who he is today and who he can be tomorrow."

Mdm Muthu.JPG

Co-Form Teacher
Mrs Marimuthu

"A good teacher is a stepping stone for a child to move up in life."


3 Stephen

Mdm May Fong.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs May Tan

" Teach, believing that every child can learn and achieve."

Mrs Karen Yeow.JPG     Co-Form Teacher
Ms Karen Yow

" To teach is to inspire, to bring out the best in my students."


3 Michael

Lim Huang Wei.JPGForm Teacher 
Mr Lim Huang Wei

"Believe that every child can learn in their own way.  Set realistic yet challenging goals for the students and help them experience success."

Ms Shao Tze.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Choo Shiao Tze

"I will do my utmost to support my students to be their very best.

ngo eng huat.jpgCo-Form Teacher
Mr Ngo Eng Huat

“Students don’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care.”


3 Gabriel

 Mrs Christine Lee.JPG
Form Teacher 
Mrs Christine Lee

"I believe that a classroom should be a safe and caring community where all students can learn and will learn."

Mr Xin Jiabin_DSC_2528.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Xin Jiabin

"To provide equal opportunities for all students and inspire them to own their learning."