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Primary 3 (2018)

3 Joseph

Mrs Chriel Chua.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Chriel Chua

"Every child is unique and can learn."

Timothy Huang(Small).jpgCo-Form Teacher
Mr Timothy Huang

"It is important for me to understand my students' individuality, development and diversity, so that I can bring out the best in them.  Include, Inspire, Play."

3 Patrick

Stephanie Wong.JPGForm Teacher 
Mrs Stephanie Wong-Tang Bee Shin
Mdm Tan Mui Mui.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Tan Mui Mui

"The successful man will profit from his mistake and try again in a different way."

3 Anthony

 Noeline Wong.jpg
Form Teacher 
Mrs Noeline Wong

"Believe that each child is a blessing from above."

Ms Shi Hai Rong.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Shi Hairong

"I believe every child can learn."

3 Stephen

Mrs Teong Phay Fang.JPGForm Teacher 
Mrs Teong Phey Fang

"Every child can learn and achieve his potential."

Ms Chia Wei Yee(small).jpgCo-Form Teacher
Ms Chia Wei Yee

"All children are capable of learning. Every little thing we do matters to them.


3 Gabriel

mr augustine siew.JPGForm Teacher
Mr Augustine Siew

"Optimizing my students individual learning styles and create richer classroom experiences for them."

Mrs Shirley Ong.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mrs Shirley Ong

"Believing every student has the determination to succeed and inspiring them to use their gifts and knowledge to bless others."

3 Michael

 Mdm May Fong.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs May Tan

" Teach, believing that every child can learn and achieve."

Mrs Karen Yeow.JPG     Co-Form Teacher
Ms Karen Yow
To teach is to inspire, to bring out the best in my students.

" To teach is to inspire, to bring out the best in my students."


3 Raphael

Mr George Kheng.JPG
Form Teacher
Mr George Kheng

"To teach with passion and commitment."

Mr Daniel Leong.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Daniel Leong

" 勤能补拙 "