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Primary 2 (2018)

2 Joseph

DSC_1807.JPGForm Teacher 
Mr Ng Kim Leong


Mrs Sharon Tan.JPG
  Co-Form Teacher
Mrs Sharon Tan

"To inspire students to be self-directed learners who strive to be the best that they can be."

2 Patrick

Mrs Winnie Ho.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Winnie Ho

"Teaching is the act of sharing."


Ms Claire Leong.JPG
  Co-Form Teacher 
Ms Claire Leong

"Every child can learn."


2 Anthony

Wang Xiao.JPG
Form Teacher 
Ms Wang Xiao 


Co-Form Teacher 
Ms Pauline Png

"Let every child experience success, no matter how small."


2 Stephen

Mrs Delphine Minjoot.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Delphine Minjoot

"Nurture each child the way you want your own child to be nurtured."

mrs shannon lim.JPG
Co-Form Teacher 
Mdm Shannon Tan
SH CIP & Partnership

"Good teaching requires hard work to make lessons come alive.


2 Michael 

Jeremiah Luke.JPGForm Teacher 
Mr Francisco Jeremiah Luke

"I wish to sow courage, hope, and enthusiasm.

Ms Tong Tsz Ching.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Tong Tsz Ching

"I believe that every child can learn and I will teach and care for them to the my best of my abilities."


2 Gabriel

Lim Huang Wei.JPGForm Teacher 
Mr Lim Huang Wei

"Believe that every child can learn in their own way.  Set realistic yet challenging goals for the students and help them experience success."

Mdm Heng Soo Inn(small).jpgCo-Form Teacher
Ms Heng Soo Inn

Co-Form Teacher
Form Teacher

2 Raphael

Ms Tok Shu Xian.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Ng Shu Xian

"Every child can learn and they learn at different pace."

Mdm Gao.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Gao Chunmei
ST Chinese



2 Luke

Mdm Noraini.jpg
Form Teacher
Mdm Noraini Niat

"To be the best I can be and what my students need me to be."

Mr Anthony Tan.JPG

Co-Form Teacher
 Mr Anthony Tan

"To help students create beauty through art, by the Grace of God."