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Primary 1 (2018)

1 Joseph
Mdm Azlinda.JPG
Form Teacher 
Mdm Azlinda A. Aziz

"It takes a big heart to shape young minds."

Mr Christopher.JPGCo-Form Teacher 
Mr Christopher Cheong
"A good educator is one who facilitates students' learning at their own pace."

1 Patrick

Mrs Winnie Ho.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Winnie Ho

"Teaching is the act of sharing."


Ms Bai Yang.JPGCo-Form Teacher
Ms Bai Yang

"Attitude determines success or failure. 态度决定成败"

1 Anthony

Tan Mei ting.jpgForm Teacher 
Ms Tan Mei Ting


Mrs Sharon Wong.jpg    Co-Form Teacher 
Mrs Sharon Wong 

"To develop a passion for learning, a heart for giving and an understanding of the world around us."


1 Stephen

Ms Cheryl.JPG
 Form Teacher
Ms Cheryl Tan

"Teach with an open mind and a caring heart."

Ms Ong Ing Shan.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Oh Ing Shan

"Embracing and believing in every child in my class."

1 Gabriel

Caroline Chan.JPG
    Form Teacher Mdm Caroline  Chan

"Every child is able to learn in his own way and time."

caroline_chan_kum_mei @moe.edu.sg 
Ms Shao Tze.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Choo Shiao Tze

"I will do my utmost to support my students to be their very best."


1 Michael

Ms Dorothy Phng Chiu Yun_DSC_2517.JPG
Form Teacher
Ms Dorothy Phng

"It is okay to not know, but it not okay to not try."

Mdm Muthu.JPG
Co-Form Teacher 
Mrs Marimuthu   

"A good teacher is a stepping stone for a child to move up in life."

1 Raphael

Mrs Colleen Sheares.JPG
Form Teacher
Mrs Colleen Sheares

"Education opens a whole world to the students and shapes them into gentlemen."

Ms Karen Ho.JPG
Co-Form Teacher 
Ms Karen Ho

"Give students the space to learn and they will find their confidence."

1 Luke

Ms Noraishah.JPG
Form Teacher 
Mdm Noraishah 

"A good teacher is one who provides a safe environment for every child to learn."

Chua Chai Suang.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Chua Chai Suang

"Be the teacher you needed when you were younger. Embrace them and be their 'lighthouse'."