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Mother Tongue

Malay Teacher

Mr Karl Zubin.JPG
Mr Karl Zubin
ML Coordinator

"Honesty + Passion + Prayers 

= Success"

Raudah.jpgMs Raudah

“Teaching is advocacy.”


Aidah.jpgMdm Siti Aidah

 “I believe in doing what
is best for the students,
even when it means making
hard choices, to grow 

them as learners.”


Tamil Teachers

Mrs Ise.JPG

Mrs Ise
"Help them understand the 'why' behind the 'what' to help them figure out the 'how'. Don't just tell, teach."

suhanthi_thirignasambhantham   @moe.edu.sg

Mdm Muthu.JPG
Mrs Marimuthu

"A good teacher is a stepping stone for a child to move up in life."

Mr Sundaram.JPG
Mr Somasundaram Ranganathen

"Education is about organising the natural longing in a human to know."

Chinese Teachers

Mr Vincent.JPG
Mr Vincent Teo

"Providing educational experiences that motivate students to learn.

Ms Pang Xifen.JPG
Ms Pang Xi Fen

"Celebrating each and every 

step towards success together."

Mr Daniel Leong.JPG
Mr Daniel Leong
MT Subject Head

" 勤能补拙 " 

Wang Xiao.JPGMs Wang Xiao


Ms Tong Tsz Ching.JPG
Ms Tong Tsz Ching

"I believe that every child can learn and I will teach and care for them to the my best of my abilities."

Ms Ang Su-Juin.JPG
Ms Ang Su-juin

"I believe every student is different, and they can discover their own talents through the right learning experience."

Mr Boo.JPG
Mr Boo Choon Kwang

"不忘过去 探索未来。

Ms Wei Yee.JPG
Ms Chia Wei Yee

"All children are capable of learning. Every little thing we do matters to them."

Ms Shao Tze.JPG
Ms Choo Shiao Tze

"I will do my utmost to support my students to be their very best.

Mdm Gao.JPG
Mdm Gao Chunmei


Ms Karen Ho.JPG
Ms Karen Ho

"Give students the space to learn and they will find their confidence."

Mr Christopher.JPG Mr Christopher Cheong
SH Pastoral Care

"A good educator is one who facilitates students' learning at their own pace."

Tan Mei ting.jpgMs Tan Mei Ting


Ms Ong Ing Shan.JPG
Ms Oh Ing Shan

"Embracing and believing in every child in my class."

Mr Ng Kim Leong


Ms Shi Hai Rong.JPG
Ms Shi Hairong

"I believe every child can learn."

Mdm Tan Mui Mui.JPG
Mdm Tan Mui Mui

"The successful man will profit from his mistake and try again in a different way."

mrs shannon lim.JPG
Mdm Shannon Tan
SH CIP & Partnership

"Good teaching requires hard work to make lessons come alive.

Mr Xin Jiabin_DSC_2528.JPG
Mr Xin Jiabin

"To provide equal opportunities for all students and inspire them to own their learning."

YU CONG.jpgMdm Yu Cong

“Attitude is altitude."