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Primary 6

6 Joseph

Form Teacher
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Ng Kim Leong


6 Patrick

Mrs Sharon Tan.jpg
  Form Teacher
Mrs Sharon Tan

"To inspire students 

to be self-directed learners 

who strive to be the

 best that they can be."

Ms Zarrina Begam.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Zarrina Begam

"Teaching is not only about
educating a child but
nurturing the child to who he or she wants to be."

6 Anthony

Mr Lim Siong Heng.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Lim Siong Heng

"Learning something new 

every single day makes life a

little more interesting."

Ms Amanda Soon.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Amanda Soon

"Every child is gifted and 

they reveal their talents at different time."

6 Stephen

Vidya Padmanathan(small).jpg
Form Teacher
Mdm Vidya

"My personal belief 

is that each child is unique

 and capable of achieving 

their dreams. As teachers

 we should nurture their love

 for learning and passion for life."

Co-Form Teacher
Ms Raudah
“Teaching is advocacy.”

raudah_abdul_karim @moe.edu.sg

6 Michael

Nasreen (Small).jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Nasreen Alvin

"Embracing and celebrating 

the diversity and potential in 

every student. Creating a safe 

and nurturing environment 

and challenging students 

to be better than their best."

Mr Firdaus.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Firdaus

"Think outside the box.
Find creative solutions.

6 Raphael

 Michele Fok.jpg
Form Teacher
Ms Michele Fok

"Think good, 

speak good 

and do good."


Co-Form Teacher
Mr Yunus Yusof

"Inspiring Teacher. 

Active and independent learner."

6 Luke

 Ms Priya.jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Priya Chopra

"Always seek opportunities 

to show you care. 

The smallest gestures 

often make the biggest impact."

Tan Mei ting.jpg
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Tan Mei Ting