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Primary 4, 2021

4 Joseph

Mr Jason Chee.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Jason Chee

"Education is all about
getting excited to learn"

Ms Pang Xifen.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Pang Xi Fen

"Celebrating each and every step towards success together."

4 Patrick

Form Teacher
Mrs Janet Tan

"Always believe in the students 

whom you teach. 

Believe that they can 

learn and capable of learning more."

Co-Form Teacher
Ms Valerie

"Turning weaknesses into strengths
and overcoming fear to 

accomplish the extraordinary!" 

4 Anthony

Form Teacher 
Ms Jeremin Lo

"Every child a gift from God."

Mr Gerald Ng.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Gerald Ng

"Helping every child receive 

the world class education he deserves."

4 Stephen

 Mr George Kheng.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr George Kheng

"To teach with passion 

and commitment."

Ms Zarrina Begam.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Zarrina Begam

"Teaching is not only about 
educating a child but 
nurturing the child to who
he or she wants to be."

4 Michael

Ms Dorothy Phng Chiu Yun_DSC_2517.jpg

Form Teacher
Ms Dorothy Phng

"It is okay to not know,
but it is not okay to not try."

Mr Firdaus.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Firdaus

"Think outside the box. 
Find creative solutions.

4 Luke

Michele Fok.jpg
Form Teacher
Ms Michele Fok

"Think good, 

speak good 

and do good."

Mr Xin Jiabin_DSC_2528.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Xin Jiabin

"To provide equal 

opportunities for all 

students and inspire

 them to own their learning."


4 Raphael

 Mr Lim Siong Heng.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Lim Siong Heng

"Learning something new 

every single day makes life a

little more interesting."

 Mr Thomas Lee(Small).jpg
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Thomas Lee

"Instill lifelong learning to be authors 
of their success stories."