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Primary 4

4 Joseph

Sharon Jodi.jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Sharon Elvin

"With hard work,
determination and a
touch of love, every child
will succeed."

Mr Philip.JPGCo-Form Teacher
Mr Philip Muthiah

"Do not look back. Look ahead."
muthiah_philip_j_jeyakumar @moe.edu.sg

4 Patrick

mr augustine siew.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Augustine Siew

"Optimizing my students individual 

learning styles and create richer 

classroom experiences for them."

Mdm Muthu.JPG

Co-Form Teacher
Mrs Marimuthu

"A good teacher is a
stepping stone for a child to move up in life."

4 Anthony

 Mrs Christine Lee.jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Christine Lee

"I believe that a classroom should 

be a safe and caring community 

where all students can learn and will learn."

Mr Gerald Ng.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Gerald Ng

"Helping every child receive 

the world class education he deserves."

4 Stephen

 Mr Jason Wong.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Jason Wong

"Every child can be motivated to learn."


Co-Form Teacher
Mr Ernest Tan

4 Michael

Lim Huang Wei.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Lim Huang Wei

"Believe that every child can 

learn in their own way.  

Set realistic yet challenging goals 

for the students and help 

them experience success."

Mr Thomas Lee(Small).jpg
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Thomas Lee

4 Luke

 Mrs Augustina Lim.jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Agustina Lim

"To tell the students they 

matter most; to teach 

the students what matters most."

Co-Form Teacher
Ms Julianna