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Primary 2

2 Joseph

Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan.jpg
 Form Teacher
Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan

"Connecting with each child's heart and mind."

Wang Xiao.JPG

Co-Form Teacher

Ms Wang Xiao



2 Patrick

Ms Karen Ho.jpg
Form Teacher
Ms Karen Ho

"Give students the space to learn and they will find their confidence."

Ms Soh Mei Qi.JPG

Co-Form Teacher

Ms Soh Meiqii

"I believe that learning is a journey not the destination."


2 Anthony

Caroline Chan.jpg
    Form Teacher
Mdm Caroline Chan

"Every child is able to learn in his own way and time."


Mr Anthony Tan.JPG

Co-Form Teacher
Mr Anthony Tan

"To help students create beauty through art, by the Grace of God."

2  Stephen

 Owen Lau.jpg
Form Teacher
Mr Owen Lau Quck Woon

"Put yourself in the place of those who find learning difficult and you can teach."

Ng Siew Choo.JPG
Co-Form Teacher 
Ms Ng Siew Choo

"When my student is able to teach another with conviction and passion, I have done my part as a teacher."


2  Gabriel

Form Teacher
Mdm Noraishah

"A good teacher is one who provides a safe environment for every child to learn."

Mr Daniel Leong.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mr Daniel Leong
" 勤能补拙 " 

Ms Chia Wei Yee(small).jpgCo-Form Teacher
Ms Chia Wei Yee

"All children are capable of learning. 

Every little thing we do matters to them.


2  Michael

Ms Dorothy Phng Chiu Yun_DSC_2517.jpg

Form Teacher
Ms Dorothy Phng

"It is okay to not know, but it not okay to not try."

Ms Shi Hai Rong.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Shi Hairong

"I believe every child can learn."

2  Raphael

Ms Tok Shu Xian.jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Ng Shu Xian

"Every child can learn and they learn at different pace."


Co-Form Teacher

Mdm Yu Cong

“Attitude is altitude."


2  Luke

Form Teacher
Ms Kiranjeet Kaur 
Mr Christopher.JPG

Co-Form Teacher

Mr Christopher Cheong 

"A good educator is one who facilitates students' learning at their own pace."