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Primary 1,2021

1 Joseph


Form Teacher

Mrs Esther Franco

"Education sees no boundaries. 
There is something to be learnt 
from somebody at every place and situation."

Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Noraishah

"A good teacher is one who provides a safe environment for every child to learn."

1 Patrick

Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan.jpg
 Form Teacher
Mrs Yogaeswari Asogan

"Connecting with each child's heart and mind."

Ng Siew Choo.JPG
Co-Form Teacher 
Ms Ng Siew Choo

"When my student is able to teach another with conviction and passion, I have done my part as a teacher."


1 Anthony

Mrs Sharon Tan.jpg
  Form Teacher
Mrs Sharon Tan

"To inspire students 

to be self-directed learners 

who strive to be the

 best that they can be."

Co-Form Teacher
Ms Wang Jiabao

"“The purpose of teaching is to develop students' self-learning ability.”


1 Stephen

Mdm Noraini.jpg
Form Teacher
Mdm Noraini Niat

"To be the best I can be and what my students need me to be."

Mdm Tan Mui Mui.JPG
Co-Form Teacher
Mdm Tan Mui Mui

"The successful man will profit from his mistake and try again in a different way."

1 Michael

Ms Priya.jpg
Form Teacher
Mrs Priya Chopra

"Always seek opportunities 

to show you care. 

The smallest gestures 

often make the biggest impact."

Cheryl Tang.jpg
Co-Form Teacher
Ms Cheryl Tang

"I believe in making children flexible thinkers and learners so that they can build a different tomorrow."


1 Gabriel

Zhu ying.jpg

Form Teacher
Ms Zhu Ying



Co-Form Teacher
Ms Raudah
“Teaching is advocacy.”

raudah_abdul_karim @moe.edu.sg

1 Raphael

Form Teacher
Ms Kiranjeet Kaur

"I want to create an environment for my students to learn by feeling welcomed, comfortable and safe"

Co-Form Teacher
Mr Ng Kim Leong


1 Luke

Tan Mei ting.jpg
Form Teacher
Ms Tan Mei Ting


Ms Abelin Cheong.JPG

Co-Form Teacher

Ms Abelin Cheong

"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change."

cheong_guifang_abelin @moe.edu.sg

Mrs Emelie Payamel.JPG

Co-Form Teacher

Mrs Emelie Payamel

"To touch the hearts of my students,
to inspire them to enjoy learning
and to become self-directed learners."