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Other Notable Alumni


Leo Yip

1970 to 1975   

The meaning of dedication – from the examples of our teachers.The meaning of a multi-racial society - forming friendships with classmates and schoolmates from different races and also religions.The meaning of “large” – the big football field and beyond, to play football and catch spiders!And finally, playing football barefoot and with only ankle guards, something that today’s students will not be able to relate to!

Benedict Cheong

1967 to 1962   

Memories of your school years: I have very fond memories of my primary school years. My Primary One teacher was Mrs Agatha Leong – she taught us a version of “Here Comes the Bride” (don’t know why she did this!). My favourite teacher was Mr Joseph Wee. He was my Class teacher in Primary 4 and Primary 5. He had a great passion for football. To me, the most spiritual teacher was Mr Joseph Toh. He always prayed deeply at the start of the day and encouraged us to do the same. I also remember we had five teachers with the first name “Joseph” (and only in a Catholic School can you find this!). They were: Mr Joseph Cheng (my Primary 2 Class Teacher), Mr Joseph Varghese (my Primary 3 Class Teacher), Mr Joseph Wee (my Primary 4 and Primary 5 Class Teacher), Mr Joseph Toh (my Primary 6 Class Teacher), and Mr Joseph Chee (my Primary 3 Science Teacher). Then there was my scouts master, Mr Charles Chan. All of them helped me to learn and grow up.

Mark Chin Yew Mei

1966 to 1971   

St. Michael's School (SMS) will always be about the quality of her teachers to me. P1 Mrs. Ang, P2Mr. Charles Chan, P3 Mr. Anthony Thng, P4 Mrs. Colleen Sheares (who is still with SJI Junior), P5 Mr. Koh Aik Khoon, P6 Brother Godfrey, SA Mr. Wong Voon Fooi, and Principals Bro. Basil (1966) and Mr. Ho Fook Seng (from 1967), and also Chief Clerk Mrs. de Souza.
Then there was football, flooded fields and tadpoles all year round - we were football national champions for the whole 6 years that I was in SMS, thanks to Mr. Joseph Wee the football champion coach of the school! And we attended extra pre-PSLE additional classes on Saturdays in P6 just so that we could play more football after classes.
After P6 in 1971, the scouts (1517) under Mr. Charles Chan had a last camp in school, and my classmate Francis Lim and I stayed on for another extra day and slept under the staircase with the school Jaga just to be with our Alma Mater for one more night.Many of our classmates from P1 are still together today 50 years later at dinners and whatsapp, although some have already passed on (may they rest in peace). And our motto was "Sicut Michael Semper" - To be like St. Michael always!

At the Sec. 1 application exercise during P6, Brother Godfrey told the whole Pr. 6B class to enter St. Joseph's Institution (SJI) as the first choice of Secondary School. Nothing else mattered!

Adrian Quek Hock Seng   

1974 to 1979

Memories of my school years: Playing catching, ‘Hantum’ Bola, Football in the big field, Catching Spiders and Ladybugs.
Mr Ho Fook Seng who had the courage to approve my leave of absence for 6 weeks, acceding to my parents’ request to take me on a trip to United States. God bless his soul. Interclass sports, all the teachers from primary 1 to primary 6, Mr Joseph Toh who was very strict yet very fair. Being appointed a prefect in primary 6 was a proud moment for me.