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Illustrious Alumni


Teo Chee Hean

1961 to 1966

I was a pupil of St Michael’s. I joined the school in 1961 and have many happy memories of my school days. I remember the original St Michael’s School was a three storey building consisting of 15 classrooms, an office area, a staff room, a small hall and a reasonably large field. Past Michaelians would recall joyful times when countless numbers of soccer and hockey games were played in the field and when pupils gathered to catch fish and tadpoles from the drains outside the school or to play marbles and a host of other games.

Charles Chong

1961 to 1966

I was delighted to find that after more than 30 years, many of the teachers are still in service, carrying on the fine transition of St. Michael’s. I remember being disciplined by the principal who was also my father’s principal. He advised me to follow my father’s role as a model student and school prefect.

Christopher de Souza

1986 to 1988

Memories of your school years: I remember the wonderful teachers. Mr James Low was our form teacher in P5 and P6. Mr Low was more than a teacher. He inspired us. Mr Chee was our football coach. My classmates and I spent a lot time playing football during recess and I remember being all sweaty for class after. But that did not matter! What I remember the most? Friends, our teachers, and the prayers we said at assembly. May God continue to bless our school.

Darryl David

1986 to 1988

Memories of your school years: I was with the school's football team and fondly remember all the training sessions that we would have with our teacher-in-charge, Mr. Joseph Chee. The training paid off too, as we would always emerge as champions in the Christian Brothers School tournament that was held between St Michael's, St Stephen's, St Anthony's and De La Salle Training aside, I also recall spending lots of time playing football with my friends on the huge field (which has been significantly reduced...). We played football before school, during recess, after school--any free time we had!

Mah Bow Tan

1956 to 1960

I spent 5 carefree, happy, wonderful, memorable years in St. Michael’s. Classmates became friends for life. Teachers were feared but respected. I learnt a lot from both teachers and classmates.

Davinder Singh

1964 to 1969

"I have only the fondest memories of my time at St Michael's. It was there that I met my lifelong friends. It was there that I was exposed to the best traditions of education, where everyone, regardless of background, race, or religion was given an opportunity to develop their talents, and where each grew in his own unique way. And it was there that I was taught by teachers who truly cared for their students; teachers who will always remain in my heart and to whom I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude."