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Generation of Boys

A renowned institution of education has just carved an illustrious path, bridging the 2nd half of the 20th century to the 21st century. In the year 2014 CE, St. Michael’s School has ascended full circle --- spanning 60 years, educating three generation of students with the fourth one steadily on its way.

Today with reverent pride and in the highest esteem we, Sons and Daughters (teachers), honour our Alma Mater by professing ever more our pious love and unbounded loyalty. With eternal gratitude, we embrace the rich heritage she has bequeathed us --- families, society and the nation --- an education unrivalled, strong family values, life skills and an unwavering faith in God.

Right here with loving memories, we fondly reminisce, the heyday of St.Michael’s School, our Alma Mater; her maternal mantle like an invisible cloak still shielding her sons wherever they are –the ever nurturing mother!

For close to six decades the tropical sun casts its brilliant rays, gilding the bold letters of the inscription

--- St. Michael’s School
--- emblazoned across one white wall. A wrought-iron gate connects this wall to another, marking the main entrance to the large school grounds, at Essex Road.

Just a little beyond the gate, at a respectable distance, the statue of St Michael, the Archangel – the patron saint – clad in a knight’s armour with a lance poised to strike at the infernal serpent at its feet – stands as a silent sentinel; a symbol of good over evil.

Today the name “St. Michael’s” affectionately called ‘St. Mike’, gave way to the new name - “St. Joseph’s Institution Junior.”

The transitional change in 2007 was swift and almost seamless with a short initiation ceremony. The signficance of which change was justifiably explained.

Nevertheless, it stirred up in the hearts of the “old boys and teachers, a great flurry of sentiments – spoken and unspoken – most bemoaning the nostalgic loss of a much loved, memorable scholastic past. After all, it was for the students an intimate part of their childhood as their playground.

In the grand fabric of life, it is only the hem – the change of name, that is. As the Shakespearean adage goes – “A rose by any other name, smells just as sweet.”

Indeed, even as we muse about these events, the image of St Michael’s, now.

St Joseph’s, appears large and towering – we are not referring to the structure alone per se. It still stands institutionally grand with the same indomitable spirit, continuing the revered La Sallian tradition of education, that could only be envisioned by a saint – St. John Baptist de La Salle, some four centuries ago.