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SG50 & NEA: "Our Hawker Centres - A Heritage & Art Mural Project"

SJIJ Art Club

13 student artists & 3 teachers made a trip down to Tekka Market during our March holidays, Monday, 16 March through Wednesday, 18 March, to paint the walls with our feast!

We collaborated with Farrer Park Primary School to complete this mural project and are glad to have had the opportunity to present our very first public mural project to celebrate SG50!

1) Click this link to visit the online e-book: http://online.fliphtml5.com/uzgk/ugmg/#p=122

2) Click this link to view a short clip of our processes: ​NEAMuralArtClub


Title: The Feast 

In the spirit of SG50, we commemorate this special year by sharing one of our common pastime
- Food. With a reputation for eating as a national past-time, Singaporeans will always find comfort in 
our own local cuisine. Hawker centres are usually located at the heart of housing estates, usually with 
adjourning wet markets. They highly represent the Singapore culture and lifestyle. They serve as 
melting pots of cultures and heritage where social interaction and family bonding are inherent. 
Let’s come together and enjoy the feast!


We encountered an SJI alumni on the third morning (when Tekka was opened after the washing period) who spoke to us of his school days, as our boys reminded him of those days, especially when he saw our students in uniform. He shared with us that he found it really heartening to see our children painting to brighten up the place and wanted to share a snap of them in action with his peers.

There were very few hawkers/patrons that we met on Monday (16/3) and Tuesday (17/3) morning since it was the washing period of the hawker centre.

One patron shared with us that he liked the idea of having food designs painted at the entrance and even suggested to us to add in a few more dishes if possible!

We received the generosity of very friendly hawkers and even the nearby shop owners who loaned us their ladders when we could not reach the higher painting spots. They were rooting for us from their stalls!

Citations by the teachers, parents and pupils

“It’s going to end soon, our three mornings together. This is it, isn’t it? Seemed like we did this for a long time!” – Keegan

“Let’s paint another wall!” – Student members

- a parent visited while we were painting on site:
“Oh wow, did the boys really paint this? It’s a very nice design!” – Mr Khoo

“Congratulations to all the boys!” – Mrs Lee-Ng

“I must say it is a very good job!” –Mr Ang

“Wow! Impressive! Well done! I’ll go Tekka tomorrow to have a look!” – Mrs Tan

“Makes we want to go there and take a selfie with that backdrop!” – Mr Chan

“Well done! Great job, everyone!” – Mr Lim

“It looks very, very good. Well done! It should be our next staff amazing race venue!” – Mr Goh