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2015 Curriculum Programmes


Celebrating students’ artistic efforts and achievements, the SYF Art Exhibition provides the opportunity to promote art appreciation among students and the public. Inspired by SG50, the theme for this year is ‘artist: Past. Present. Future.’ 
In semester 1 this year, all students from Primary 2, 4 and 6 worked on their respective themed project submissions for the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition, during their Art lessons conducted in school. 
This is the first year that our school has included every child in the experience and opportunity!
The cohorts’ artworks are curated in accordance to aesthetics, their meaning behind the work as well as the project theme. We curated 3 pieces for submission in the various categories,

Our heartiest congratulations to the following students for representing the school in the respective categories

Category A


Category B


Category C



We are proud to share with you that out of the 3 curated (selected pieces from the 3-level cohort) submissions, our Category B submission has been selected for the on-site exhibition showcase at Raffles City Shopping Centre (level 3 City Square). 

Our Category A and C submissions, as well as all other submitted works across the primary schools in Singapore will be showcased in an immersive 3D virtual online gallery, for the first time in SYF Art Exhibition history! 
All submissions will also be showcased in the SYF publication.

We hope you will make time as a family to view the beautiful art pieces created by our young children studying in Singapore. Lend our artists your support!


Pen down these dates in your calendar:
  • Opening Ceremony: 9 July, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Open officially by Mr Wong Siew Hoong, Director-General of Education Artists whose artworks are selected for on-site exhibition have been invited to attend the ceremony

  • Exhibition open to public: 10 July till 19 July, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
    • Join in the Fringe Activities at the on-site exhibition!
    • During the exhibition, student artists have been invited to hold an artist talk, where they will conduct a Talk with the audience about their work, Demonstrate their art processes and Facilitate a hands-on artmaking session.
      • Our SJIJ Category B Artists will be conducting an Artist Talk on 13 July, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. for other students
      • Visit the exhibition on weekends and sign – up for the weekend Artist Talks!

  • Online showcase launch: 9 July till August 2015
    • Try out a virtual experience!
    • More details can be found at the on-site exhibition!


Take note of the venue! It’s all in one place and an imaginative concept awaits:
  • Raffles City Shopping Centre (Level 3 City Square)