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Report on Activities 2016

Catholic Activities
(Contributed by Mrs Jenann Tan)

Year 2016 was an extraordinary year for Catholics with the celebration of The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. The Lord has mercy and He has shown it in the daily lives for many of us. This year, the school and the Catholic parent volunteers’ community had experienced growth and grace in many ways. We were blessed to have His Grace, Archbishop William Goh, to celebrate the Blessing and Dedication of the Saint Michael’s Chapel in the school compound. Together as one, we prayed that the Lord will continue to lead the teachers and parent volunteers, to speak through us, witness, touch the hearts and deepen the faith with the boys we encountered.

This year the Catholic parent volunteers continued to support the faith formation sessions during curriculum times. The parents were thankful to the school and the opportunity given to journey with the boys. Through the sessions, the parents experienced deepening of faith, support through fellowship and renewed hope. Parents strived to reach out and touch the hearts of the boys bringing them closer to the faith. Another high in our weekly encounter was the Praise and Worship morning session on Fridays. Dedicated parents continued to bring the voices of heaven to the ears of the boys. One can always expect experience of lifted hearts after the session.

God is gracious and His blessings are abundant. With the bi-monthly Monday masses, the service hearts responded with the support of their parents. We gathered a team of boys who are altar servers in their parishes to support the masses held in school. We were thankful to the parents and the boys who made efforts to be in school early and participated in the celebration of the Eucharist. We pray that this community of boys with willing hearts will continue to grow in the many faith related activities within the school.

For anyone who has journeyed with the school, you would agree that we are a blessed lot. Our God is always ready to provide. This year Easter play was a WOW! We have an awesome team of parents who are professionals in this field. Scripted, directed and acted by our own parents, they brought the Easter Musical Play to the school. God’s grace was also revealed in our PSLE mass and prayer vigil like a flowing stream. The sessions were beautifully put together by the parents with daily celebration of the Eucharist. Prayers continued to touch hearts, place us in peace and give us freedom of the spirit. The parents were assured and, praise the Lord that our boys did well in 2016 PSLE!

God is good and He always set us challenges to grow new heights. With limited people resources, this year we will try to put forth the full plans we have for Chapel Recess and Parents’ Fellowship & Formation. Despite the limited resources, the handful of parents continued to support to the best of their abilities. We are grateful for all parents and in the closing, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all who had contributed one way or another to grow and journey with the boys. Thank you for your perseverance and patience.

Movie Night
(Contributed by Mr Nomanbhoy)

Our Annual Movie Night and Bring Your Own Dinner was held on 2nd April and was held after the Official Opening of the St Michael’s Turf. Two movies were screened, the first “Up”, which is a heart rending story about fulfilling one’s dreams and helping others through their lives. The second movie was “McFarland, USA” which is in-line with the School’s philosophy of doing one’s best in sports. In this movie, we learn about putting one’s best effort and never giving up to achieve our goals. About 150 parents and boys attended the Movie Night.

Father Son Camp
(Contributed by Mr Andrew Lim)

A much anticipated event in the PTA calendar, the organising committee was keen to build on the successful inaugural Father-Son camp in 2015. For the 2016 edition, the team decided to venture outside the school grounds, taking fathers and sons to Pulau Ubin for a day of adventure and bonding.

Working together with a tireless team of parents, teachers, volunteers and organiser SP Campers, the eager participants embarked on the trek to Pulau Ubin early on the sunny morning of May 14. After a short ferry ride from Changi Point, teams were tasked with locating checkpoints on the island, upon which each father-son team had to complete a challenge designed to strengthen bonds and build confidence. These included a tall tree climb, scrambling up a steep slope with ropes and bare hands, and even a river crossing!

After lunch on the island and completing our assignments, the teams returned to SJIJ for a scrumptious BBQ dinner, a night confidence course, and a well-earned rest in the comfortable confines of the school classrooms. The following morning's activities included a host of fun-filled sports activities, and concluded with a memorable video montage of fathers and sons in action. The tired but happy farewells and high-fives were a fitting tribute to a great time.

Thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication and effort from all involved, the 2016 SJIJ Father-Son camp was a tremendous success.

Family Sports Fridays
(Contributed by Mr Jachin Huang)

The Parent Teacher Association organised Family Sports Fridays on 11 occasions in 2016 from 5pm to 8pm. On these occasions, the Indoor Sports Hall and Field would be made available for parents and their children to use for sports, with the objectives being fitness, healthy lifestyle and family bonding. For 2 of the sessions in semester one, Active SG personnel partnered the school to conduct a Tennis Workshop for parents and children.

Teachers’ Day Lunch 2016
(Contributed by PTA member Mrs Florence Smart)

Our annual Teacher’s Day Appreciation Lunch organized by the Parent Volunteers took place on Wednesday 31/8/16 in the Staff Lounge from 1.30 pm. Once again, our Parent Volunteers from all the different levels outdid themselves with the various dishes offered and cooked with love to show our very heartfelt appreciation for both the teaching and administrative staff of the school. The parents also turned the lounge into a floral wonderland with the various decorations as this year’s theme. One of our PV’s also contributed an all edible “Flower Pot” cake with the theme “ Thank you for helping us grow”. Besides food, the parents also organized a mini quiz as well as sang for the teachers.

Children’s Day Carnival 2016 
(Contributed by Mrs Florence Smart)

This is the fourth year that the PTA and Parent Volunteers have organized it and we noticed that each year just gets better and better! This year the boys were once again treated to free candy floss as well as to various different game stalls managed by the Parent Volunteers of each level, the PTA dads and the Catechists.

This year’s highlight was of course the Dunking Machine manned by the PTA where both the dads and teachers very sportingly took turns to get dunked by the very enthusiastic boys.

As usual the boys collected points from each game stalls in order to redeem prizes which ranged from kuti kuti, country erasers, stationary sets, Pokemon Balls, Lego sets to vouchers from Popular!! Prizes were all very kindly donated by our very generous parents.

Seeing our boys from the P1’s right up to the P6’s all having fun with huge smiles on their faces were so contagious that even all of us Parent Volunteers were having just as much fun!

Once again all the above wouldn’t have been a huge success without our Parent Volunteers – not just with their generosity in donating wonderful prizes but as well with their generosity in giving their time in helping to make this year’s Carnival another success!