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President's Message

2016 was a year where the PTA built on the success of events organized in previous years and further enhanced them. This was made possible by the combined efforts of the Parents and Teachers in the PTA with the strong support of the School.                                        

The main event which was enhanced was the Father-Son Camp which was first organized in 2015. This year, the goal was to allow more participants and to hold the camp in a more ‘exotic’ location. The camp was held at Pulau Ubin and organized jointly with an events company to ensure that the activities organized focused specifically on the Father-Son relationship. More than 160 people participated, which was a 50% increase over 2015.

As always the annual celebrations to appreciate our Teachers and Boys, the Teacher’s Day Lunch and Children’s Day Carnival respectively, continued.

The traditional PSLE prayer sessions for Parents continued in the chapel during every PSLE exam with Priests conducting the mass with the Parents. With the blessings received during the PSLE Mass and the prayer sessions, our P6 Boys received additional confidence to perform well during the exams.

All the activities throughout the year could not have been made possible without the Teachers and Parents in the PTA, the Parent volunteers and the Principal, Vice-Principals and Teachers of SJIJ.

The organization of these activities do not constitute a job per se but for these Parents and Teachers, they go above and beyond their day-to-day commitments. This is volunteerism. And the best gift one can give is your time, as you will never get it back. And whenever we do volunteer, let’s put in our best effort to support and contribute to the organization.

During the last four years in the PTA, I have learned a tremendous amount on what the Teaching profession entails and has been eye-opening. Teaching is truly a calling. I have developed a strong respect for our Teachers, who are not only expected to teach our Boys but have a whole host of commitments both in School and at home. Like Parents, Teachers also have families and in many cases, are Parents themselves and have a whole host of responsibilities which we also have. Teachers should be treated as professionals and definitely should not be considered as service providers.

As such, I am always indebted and grateful to all our Parent volunteers and Teachers who continue to develop the strong partnership within the School and this will definitely continue to enhance our Boys’ journey through School and develop them as Men for Others.

As we look forward to 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Teachers, Parents and Boys a blessed year ahead and a warm welcome to our Primary 1 boys as they embark on their educational journey.

Ora Et Labora

Daniel K. Nomanbhoy


PTA Management Committee 2016-2017